When I can’t be on the ice, I skate what I can get!

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a very short story…

I am blessed to live in west Michigan, WSW about 30 miles from Grand Rapids. We live just minutes from Lake Michigan, which is amazing. It’s the best place to be in the summertime. As you can see by the picture, though, I enjoy activities of all seasons. Hockey, swimming, kayaking, hiking, weightlifting…and, of course, writing.

My wife is the owner and head coach of Flipside gymnastics here in Zeeland, so we’re pretty active and fitness oriented. My interests run the gamut, though – I count hunting, car repair, travel and sight-seeing among my hobbies. And I love writing. As much as I love the unsalted beaches on our west coast, I love diving into both the Atlantic and Pacific…and the gulf, too. Did I mention I love writing?

I’ve wanted to be an author since grade school. Technical abilities led me into engineering, though, so that’s what I learned and have done. Now I’m taking the opportunity to resurrect my creative passion and give it some wheels. Feel free to browse the site, check out my work and pictures. Contact me if you’d like to connect.

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Freelance Writer
I’ve published two articles on LinkedIn, currently writing a weekly blog, and have pitched a two-page direct response sales letter to a number of HVAC companies in my area. I am just getting started and it’s ramping up nicely. My drive – and my output – have increased dramatically in just a couple of months.

Quality Assurance Manager, Precision Metal Products
I manage a small quality department at a screw machine shop. I write and manage daily, weekly and monthly Management System reports. I interact with both Customers and Suppliers. I track and manage Cost of Quality, including Scrap and Sorting. I am the Management Representative for our ISO 9001 audits.

Co-Owner & Coach, Flipside Gymnastics
I work with Competitive Team kids of all levels, spotting them on uneven bar skills. I’m also their Strength & Conditioning Coach, and I run them through a variety of weightlifting exercises to add strength and power to their gymnastics routines.